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May. 24th, 2017 10:22 pm
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Player: Frejr
Contact: fylgja@plurk
Age: 25
Current Characters: n/a

Character: Sattsu
Age: 18
Canon: Replica
Canon Point: end of volume 3

Background: When Sattsu was created he was a pierrot on strings, constantly used for murder. His powers are known as “Puppet”. He was created for the sake of making sure Karu didn't break. He hated having to murder and not being able to control his body, and came to hate his own face because he kept smiling no matter what, even at the most brutal acts committed..

Cutting off his threads, he was going to break him, Karu and Shirahime out of AAA's place when Zenli found them. Luckily for them, Zenli helped him break out to destroy Alice. They created the organization Cards, gaining comrades who joined Cards to fight the Dolls that AAA created.

He met Varii after Varii's family had been murdered by a doll. Varii agreed to help them, but he didn't think of them as comrades. Sattsu and the others were toys, just like the toy that murdered his family, even if they looked human. After Sattsu nagged him about asking too many questions, and if Varii couldn't make him his son too, Varii gets pissed off and tells Sattsu that dolls can't feel real emotions anyway, and that he should stop trying to say things reserved for humans. It doesn't help that when Varii turns around, Sattsu is smiling.

Sattsu runs off, apologizing. Sattsu breaks down, wanting to cry, cursing his face. His face made Varii hate him, and he starts to cut it up. Varii stops him in the middle of him destroying himself. Zenli has explained to him that Sattsu can't do anything but smile because that's the way he was built. Varii asks him not to hate his own face, that he likes his smile. As he says this, Sattsu remembers why he was created, realizing that though he thought he was free after leaving AAA, he really wasn't. Sattsu tells Varii that he looked up to the relationship between parent and child, wondering if it really was impossible for him to have that.

A little later, Sattsu asked Varii to paint over the marks on his face, in the shape of a tear, and Varii told him that if he wants to he can think of him as his parent. That is how Sattsu got his pact holder.

The main character, Manji, is outside with Shirahime and Karu (dolls just like Sattsu, but younger and made for a different purpose) and Hime, Shirahime’s pact holder, when they get separated. That’s when Manji runs into Sattsu, who shoots a Toy that’s trying to attack him. They end up fighting together, and turns out Sattsu had a lucky shot, because he’s not that good of a gunman. He goes with the theory of if you shoot many times at least one shot will hit. Manji is surprised when it turns out Sattsu is a doll, specifically a marionette, controlled by Varii, someone Manji has met before. Finally, Manji, Sattsu and Varii are reunited with the others and after some more fighting Manji watches the dolls interact with each other, finding the whole concept of them strange. He’s only met Karu, the first doll he ever ran into, a short time ago. Sattsu and Shirahime are slightly worried about if Manji is a good person, but conclude that if he’s bad they’ll just have to kill them.

The day after, Sattsu goes to talk to Karu, making sure that he’s okay. Having a pact holder can be difficult, and Karu had promised not to lose any more of them, and because of that Sattsu is worried. He was created to protect Karu after all, so he’s wired to worry. He warns Karu that he’s going to lose another pact holder.

Not long after that, Karu protects Manji from being blown to pieces due to not wanting to lose him, one of his arms getting torn off. Sattsu is worried of course, but Karu is upset that Manji won’t let him steal his pain (which is Karu’s powers, Scapegoat) and doesn’t really care about that. When Manji tells him not to take his wounds he tells Manji that he can just die then, surprising everyone. So instead, Hime sacrifices some of her blood to make Shirahime use her powers, Change, to turn into a nurse that can treat him until Manji is better. The man passes out from the shock of everything.

When Manji wakes up, Karu is being repaired by Varii, and while that happens Manji gets to hear the story about their creation, four dolls made by a man known as AAA. All the powers are explained, though the oldest of them, Zenli, doesn’t have any powers, his model is too old, and it’s a wonder he’s even working (his body doesn’t move well at all anymore), when Sattsu too is getting up in age. Manji accuses them of being some sort of spy, spying on the humans, but they don’t really like hearing that, so he apologises. They made the organisation CARDS specifically to destroy AAA and his toys.

Karu is off on his own, thinking about AAA and the past of blood and murder, when Sattsu pops in through a window. He tells Karu about what’s up with Manji, and lets him know he finds him kind of funny. Karu feels bad about telling Manji that he should just die, especially with his fear of losing pact holders. Sattsu lets him know that it’s okay, and that he’s happy as “an older brother” that Karu is getting more of a temper and is showing his feelings more. Then, as he’s leaving, he reminds him that no matter what, he’s going to be on Karu’s side, confusing the younger doll.

AAA’s hideout is on the verge of being found in the forests of Cross Oak, and Sattsu and Varii are cleaning the area of toys when he asks Varii if he’s going to side with him no matter what happens. And of course he is, so soon when they’re inside AAA’s base they talk to Zenli about something, but when they talk, the rest of the group gets thrown down a trap full with roses - they’ve somehow reached the Queen of Hearts, protected by a bunch of toys. Queen of Hearts is another doll, she looks small, but she’s strong, and she’s going to do anything for AAA’s sake, no matter who she has to kill. During the fight, Hime is hurt and close to dying, making Shirahime incapable of doing anything in her grief. Manji is trapped inside rose vines and can’t help Karu fight Queen either.

But then a hole is blown into a wall and Sattsu and Varii comes out of it. They seem to side with Queen, and he lets Karu know the truth - he’s been created (partly) to watch over Karu. Manji gets loose, and is back to back with Karu when Queen attacks from one side, Sattsu from the other, but just as it seems like Sattsu is going to kill Manji, he uses Karu’s shoulder as help to slam his fist into Queen’s face. He was made to keep Karu safe after all, and he’s not going to let anyone hurt him, even if it goes against AAA. The reason behind him being able to go against AAA becomes evident, as Queen’s own blow had hit Sattsu and torn his bandanna, showing his forehead. It’s covered in cuts, and underneath the teardrop painted over his closed right eye is a cut that goes right through his skull. It had damaged part of his programming, and so made it possible to act on his own.

Sattsu tells Manji that he knows he’s a pain in the ass, but he hopes he’ll watch over Karu in the future, and makes the others go ahead, leaving only him and Varii to fight Queen. Due to his blow to her face, the mask she was wearing breaks and falls off, revealing her face - it’s identical to Karu’s. AAA is watching on screens, knowing that Queen is no longer useful, and he doesn’t care if she’s ruined. He only wants Karu back. She’s jealous of AAA’s focus on Karu, and now, Sattsu too is choosing Karu. She’s sick of it, as they’re supposed to be the same. The attacking goes on, and Varii tries to pull Sattsu back ,as he’s going to get destroyed if this goes on, but Sattsu defies the stings and continues. He knows he’s going to break soon regardless, and the freedom he thought he had gotten wasn’t real, due to his programming. A doll will forever be a doll, so he wants to be Varii’s doll to the very end, and so… he finally defeats Queen, breaking her completely, but he too is broken. He falls to the ground, still able to talk but core crumbling. He dies with a laugh, happy that this means, in a way, he’s finally free.

Personality: First and foremost, Sattsu is as playful as he comes off as to others. He likes to tease you, as long as he doesn’t dislike you as a person or what you’ve done. He enjoys playing around, and doesn’t care if it makes him look childish. Most of his years he wasn’t allowed to do anything but murder, so he has come to want to catch up on playing and misbehaving, as seen when he treats shooting toys as somewhat of a game when he first meets Manji. He’s very friendly, and has an easy time getting along with others on a shallow level thanks to his playfulness, but it’s harder to get to know him on a deeper level. Sometimes though, he just clicks with someone, knowing that he’s going to like this person a lot, despite on how the other feels so far, like with his initial relationship with Varii.

The reason this is, is because of how many secrets he’s kept. He’s used to being sneaky and secretive, keeping things from those he holds dear, as seen by how he didn’t let anyone except Varii know about the crack in his core and his reason for being created. He’s extremely good at keeping secrets, especially when it has to do with his own self-hating thoughts, which can be somewhat damaging to his own psyche along with making it hard to get to know him more properly. There are a lot of things he doesn’t like about himself, and so he doesn’t like when people know about it. He hates his face a bit, even after Varii told him not to, due to the trouble his permanent smile can cause, but there are a lot of other things he hates about the way he was made. He doesn’t consider himself a real person, or at the very least, not as real as humans. He knows he’s a replica, just something created by someone else, and it can hurt a lot at times.
No matter if you know him well or not, he has issues with personal space. He will hang off your shoulder or cling to your back, most likely making you annoyed, but he doesn’t care that much. He likes being close to others, especially when he doesn’t have to hurt them, the way he had to for so many years. When you’re closer to him he gets very caring and kind, and due to his programming, he is fiercely protective, though he doesn’t know how to show it. This is mostly shown with Karu, whom he is made to protect, and he will ruffle your hair or pop in for no reason to make sure you’re doing alright.

There are a lot of things Sattsu doesn’t know about the world, and he’s very curious about them. He finds people interesting and funny, though at the same time he can be suspicious of them, especially when they’re close to those he cares deeply about, as seen with Karu, again. But he wants to learn a lot of things, and has a lot of questions, mostly about humanity and what it’s like, as he has no idea whatsoever, and can sometimes step on toes to do so. As he doesn’t understand humanity completely, he has a somewhat easy time being annoying and making people angry by his actions and questions, but he does try.

He was wired to kill people very easily, and can do so without remorse. He doesn’t like it, it can make him sad at times, due to how many people he’s killed needlessly, but if there’s a good reason he doesn’t hesitate.


-His powers as Puppet makes him move according to someone else’s will, when that someone sacrifices a small amount of blood.
-Strings and circles appear around his wrists, elbows and feet. He becomes very strong, agile and able to jump higher than humanly possible (or even higher than he is without a puppeteer).

-As a doll of an older model he doesn’t need to eat, sleep, drink or pee.
-He has very good eyesight in the eye that isn’t broken, he hears very well and he can talk, but he can’t smell things, and he doesn’t feel pain, showing that he doesn’t have a proper sense of touch.
-He can take off his limbs, as he’s a ball jointed doll, but he rarely does that unless it’s for repairs.

Alignment: Daimonia. Sattsu is curious about the world, and feels a lot of happy feelings, and he will do so even more now that he’s really free for real.



General Sample: here!
Emotion Sample: some flowers!

Questions: Since Sattsu needs maintenance, is that something an NPC can help him with (not flawlessly, ofc, but he can teach people about how to do it) when a PC isn’t available to do so?


May. 22nd, 2014 11:16 pm
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Name: Sattsu
Created:Approx 18 years ago
Height : 170 cm
Weight : 128 kg


About:Sattsu is a doll created by AAA for the sake of murdering and keeping Karu safe. His face is constructed so that he always smiles, no matter what emotion he's feeling. He doesn't get hungry and doesn't feel pain or temperature.

Empat specific
Alignment : Daimonia
Amulet : A necklace. Subtly tear shaped but hidden by the rest of the necklace