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May. 22nd, 2014 11:16 pm
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Name: Sattsu
Created:Approx 18 years ago


About:Sattsu is a doll created by AAA for the sake of murdering and keeping Karu safe. His face is constructed so that he always smiles, no matter what emotion he's feeling. He doesn't get hungry and doesn't feel pain or temperature.

History:When Sattsu was created he was a pierrot on strings, constantly used for murder. He was created for the sake of making sure Karu didn't break. He hated having to murder and not being avle to control his body, and came to hate his own face because he kept smiling no matter what.

Cutting off his threads, he was going to break him, Karu and Shirahime out of AAA's place when Zenri found them. Luckily for them, Zenri helped him break out to destroy Alice. They created the organization Cards, gaining comrades who joined Cards to fight the Dolls that AAA created.

He met Varii after Varii's family had been murdered by a doll. Varii agreed to help them, but he didn't think of them as comrades. Sattsu and the others were dolls, just like the doll that murdered his family, even if they looked humans. After Sattsu nagged him about asking too many questions, and if Varii couldn't make him his son too, Varii gets pissed off and tells Sattsu that dolls can't feel real emotions anyway, and that he should stop trying to say things reserved for humans. It doesn't help that when Varii turns around, Sattsu is smiling.

Sattsu runs off, apologizing. Sattsu breaks down, wanting to cry, cursing his face. His face made Varii hate him, and he starts to cut it up. Varii stops him in the middle of him destroying himself. Zenri has explained to him that Sattsu can't do anything but smile because that's the way he was built. Varii asks him not to hate his own face, that he likes his smile. As he says this, Sattsu remembers why he was created, realizing that though he thought he was free after leaving AAA, he really wasn't. Sattsu tells Varii that he looked up to the relationship between parent and child, wondering if it really was impossible for him to have that.

A little later, Sattsu asked Varii to paint over the marks on his face, in the shape of a tear, and Varii told him that if he wants to he can think of him as his parent. That is how Sattsu got his pact holder.